SEO Tips – Do It the Old Fashioned Way, Write!

One of the most frequently asked question that some webmasters new to their trade ask is how to make their sites visible. The problem is a very common one and there are numerous answers to that question. However, it is very important to point out to these webmasters that their sites will get the ranking it deserves if the proper methods are actually applied, and one of the most commonly overlooked answers to this dilemma is actually a very simple SEO technique – writing!

All right, what is the writing about? Simple, there are press releases to be written to announce the presence of the site and the products. Isn’t this a really elementary solution? Realize that no one will become aware of the presence of a site and the products they sell or promote if no one knows that it exists. So write about it! Issue a press release that is written in an objective point of view. Make it interesting enough to gain the curiosity of the readers. Once the curiosity is tickled, the visitors will come in.

Another answer to the writing dilemma, make articles that could grab the attention and inform the readers. This is very important to the visitors of sites which sell some products like, example, souvenirs. If the site just simply puts up pictures and the prices under them, what good will that do? If the webmaster makes sure that there are articles written about the souvenirs like planning a party and how to use the souvenirs, or suggestions of themes that would make the visitor think about purchasing the items as souvenirs, then the visitors will become customers. But if there is nothing written to that effect, then what is to tickle the imagination of the visitor? Nothing.

If the site is a blog, then write again! No one likes visiting a blog where there are no articles written in them. Write about life, about the dog next door and his hilarious antics, write about the cat next door that challenged a rat, or write about a movie that is currently being shown. In short, write interesting blogs that will keep the readers coming back for more. Find a niche for what kind of articles work for the blog.